Symposia Proceedings


In 2006, the Hellenic Costume Society (HCS) launched a series of Symposia on Costume, which took place biennially until 2015 and have become an annual event since 2016. The topics of these symposia are diverse: first, they involve results from the work of the HCS working groups as well as new research from the field of dress and costume studies. Thematic symposia have also been held, offering a platform to colleagues from specific areas of research to discuss their field of expertise or examining individual topics from different points of view. This page presents the contents of the forthcoming issues of the symposia proceedings; the first issues will soon be uploaded in full.

5th Symposium




Conference: “Greek ‘National Dress’. From creation to dissemination, from use to interpretation”

The forth issue of the Symposia on Costume Proceedings has been released

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