Working groups

To achieve its research aims, the statutes of the Hellenic Costume Society provide for the formation of working groups. The first two working groups were formed in 2005.


1. Working Group on Dressmaking
The purpose of the group is to record and evaluate the work of the seamstresses who were employed in Greek fashion houses or for the production of theatre costumes and copies of traditional costumes, as their work is of particular relevance to the study of costume.

2. Working Group on Vestments
The purpose of the group is to record the vestments of Mount Athos. This work has been underway since 2000 in Iviron Monastery under a research programme of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation.




Conference: “Greek ‘National Dress’. From creation to dissemination, from use to interpretation”

The forth issue of the Symposia on Costume Proceedings has been released

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