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Membership of the Hellenic Costume Society is open to individuals (Greeks or foreigners) and institutions having some connection with the object and purpose of the Society.
Members are elected by the Board at their written request, which must be seconded by two members of the Society and accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the candidate concerned.

Please complete the application form and send it to:

The annual subscription fee for members of the Society is €20. The fee may be paid on the day of the Annual General Meeting or deposited in the account of the Hellenic Costume Society: Alpha Bank IBAN: GR53 0140 1050 1050 0200 2024 790

If you deposit your subscription fee, please inform the Society by e-mail to:



Conference: “Greek ‘National Dress’. From creation to dissemination, from use to interpretation”

The forth issue of the Symposia on Costume Proceedings has been released

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