1. In Conversation: Encounters with Curators, Researchers and Artists on Dress as an Object of Study and Display (view more…)
  2. 9th Symposium on Costume: “Practices of creative reuse of textiles 19th-20th c.” (view more…)
  3. Series of two lectures: “The History of Sustainability in Fashion” (view more…)
  4. Byzantine garment (view more…)
  5. Series of two seminars: Social and cultural theories of dress (view more…)
  6. Evening talks on dress (view more…)
  7. 8th Symposium on Costume: “Recent Research in Dress and Costume Studies” (view more…)
  8. Evening Talks (view more…)
  9. 7th Symposium on Costume: “Material and Dress (view more…)
  10. Series of Courses (view more…)


The first two issues of the Symposia on Costume Proceedings have been released

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